Investment Strategies

True Horizon Wealth Advisors uses various methods to identify opportunities within the overall market. Fundamental analysis is conducted to identify the factors that may affect a security’s value and to what extent, this is combined with a top-down analysis of the overall economy and markets to help locate undervalued companies. True Horizon Wealth Advisors also utilizes technical analysis. This methodology includes a review of past data to identify if there are patterns in the market and/or securities value. The heart of each personally crafted portfolio combines these methods with your personal risk tolerance to help guide us to find a portfolio that’s right for your financial goals.

Advanced Level Investment Strategies

For clients that are able to tolerate a higher risk factor, True Horizon Wealth Advisors has the ability to recommend investments using a wide range of options strategies. Including, but not limited to, simple covered calls (that can be used to create income) to the more complex strategies like; option spreads, collars, straddles, and butterflies.